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Getting There

By Air/Road
Ahmedabad is the nearest international and domestic airport to Dasada. The drive from Ahmedabad airport to Dasada takes about two and half hours to three hours.

By Rail from Mumbai
Viramgam is the nearest railway station. It has train connections to Mumbai. Dasada is a 30 km drive from Viramgam.

By Rail from other cities
Ahmedabad, 90 km from Dasada, has rail connections to Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata and other cities.

Distances from other places

Ahmedabad - 90 km
(airport, railway station, historic city of museums and monuments)

Dangs - 490 km
(Tribal District)

Anand - 173 km
(Famous for its Amul milk co-operative)

Baroda - 209 km
(Princely city of palaces and parks)

Bhavnagar - 231 km
(Princely city with historic buildings and heritage hotels, ideal base to visit Palitana)

Bhuj - 267 km
(Capital of Kutch District)

Dwarka - 401 km
(Holy city and shore temples)

Gondal - 220 km
(Princely town with heritage hotels)

Gir - 343 km
(Sasan - headquarters of Gir National Park)

Jamnagar - 270 km
(City of textiles and the base for the Marine National Park & Khijadiya Bird Sanctuary)

Junagadh - 283 km
(Historic city)

Mehsana - 68 km
(Major town)

Mt Abu - 214 km
(Hill resort)

Palanpur - 143 km
(Princely town with a heritage hotel at Balaram nearby)

Patan - 81 km
(Historic town and centre for Patola silk weaving)

Porbandar - 368 km
(Birthplace of Mahatma Gandhi)

Rajkot - 180 km
(One of the biggest cities of Saurashtra)

Somnath - 370 km
(Holy town, fishing port of Veraval nearby)

Surat - 360 km
(Textile and diamond-polishing centre)

Surendranagar - 73 km
(District capital and nearby princely city of Wadhwan)

Udaipur - 324 km
(One of India's most popular tourist destination)

Suggested Itineraries

Forts & Palaces of Gujarat
Ahmedabad - Dasada (Jhinjwada Fort, Halwad Fort) - Bhuj (Palaces and forts of Kutch) - Wankaner (Palace, heritage hotel) - Gondal (Palaces, heritage hotels and a base to visit the historic city of Junagadh) - Bhavnagar (Heritage hotels) - Balasinor (Heritage hotel) - Rajpipla (heritage hotel) - Jambugoda (Heritage hotel) - Chhota Udepur (Heritage hotel) - Baroda (Princely city) Balaram Palace Resort (Palanpur) - Udaipur

Wildlife & Birding
Ahmedabad - Dasada (Nalsarovar Bird Sanctuary, Little Rann of Kutch, nearby wetlands) - Jamnagar (Marine habitats, Khijadiya Bird Sanctuary) - Gondal (Lakes and grasslands) - Gir (Lion Sanctuary) Bhavnagar (Velavadar National Park) - Ahmedabad (Thol Bird Sanctuary) - Balaram Jessore Bear Sanctuary) - Danta (Ambaji Wildlife Sanctuary) - Rajasthan

Ahmedabad - Dasada (Nalsarovar Bird Sanctuary, Little Rann of Kutch, nearby wetlands) - Jamnagar (Marine habitats, Khijadiya Bird Sanctuary) - Gondal (Lakes and grasslands) - Gir (Lion Sanctuary) - Diu
(Bird Sanctuary)- Bhavnagar - Baroda - Jambughoda (Wildlife Sanctuary) - Rajpipla (Narmada River) - Madhya Pradesh

Tribes and pastoral communities
Ahmedabad (museums) - Dasada (pastoral groups) - Bhuj (pastoral groups) - Balaram (Garasias) - Poshina (Garasias, Bhils) - Baroda - Jambugodha (Bhilala, Nayaka) - Chhota Udepur (Rathwas) - Rajpipla (Bhils, Siddis) - Dangs (Bhils, Kunbis, Singanias, Warlis)

Textiles and Handicrafts
Dasada (Embroideries, weaving, base to visit Patola silk-weaving centre of Patan) - Bhuj (base to visit craft villages of Kutch) - Jamnagar (Bandhini) - Gondal (beadwork, also base to visit Jetpur's printing factories) - Ahmedabad (Museums) - Surat (Weaving)

Jain Circuit
Ahmedabad - Bhavnagar/Palitana - Gondal (base to visit Girnar) - Dasada (Visit Sankeshwar and Patan Jain temples) - Danta/Balaram (for Taranga and Kumbhariaji) - Mt Abu - Ranakpur

Hindu temple tour
Ahmedabad - Balaram/Poshina/Danta (Ambaji, Vadnagar) - Dasada (Modhera, Bahuchraji) - Jamnagar (Dwarka) - Gondal (Virpur, Girnar) - Veraval (Somnath) - Bhavnagar (Khodiyar) - Baroda (Pawagadh)

Mosques and Dargahs
Baroda/Jambugodha (Champaner) - Ahmedabad - Gondal (Junagadh) - Dasada - Unjha - Sidhapur - Dungarpur (Galiankot) - Ajmer

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