The main attraction of our horse safaris is the joy of riding good and well-trained horses from indigenous breeds over superb open country, rich in wildlife and cultural attractions. The riding routes can be according to your choice – quietly walking and trotting in the countryside, galloping across open desert plains, watching birds and wildlife from horseback in the Little Rann of Kutch, or visiting villages off the main road. You can ride alongside the wild ass or antelopes, stop to watch birds and even look for other wildlife like gazelle, wolf, fox and jackal.

Our guides will share with you their intimate knowledge of the terrain and wildlife habitat, using the horses to best effect to bring you closer to birds and mammals.

Non-riders can travel in open vehicles/jeeps to view wildlife/birds and experience local culture, joining the safari participants for meals or at their resting spots.
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Rann Riders belongs to the Malik family that has a deep-rooted heritage of keeping horses. In medieval times, the Maliks of Dasada led the huge cavalry of the Sultans of Gujarat in the battlefield. Dasada village has for long been known for its fine horses. Riding boys from Dasada were part of the country races at Bombay during the days of the British Raj.

Our stables are superbly designed and maintained. The stable has Marwari, Kathiawadi and Sindhi horses, indigenous breeds suited for the local terrain and climatic conditions. Most of our horses have won prizes at horse shows and equestrian events. The safari horses are from the Marwari breed, excellent riding horses. There is a horse to suit everyone’s riding requirements and the itinerary can also change according to your level from beginner-grade short rides to longer rides for accomplished riders.

Sensitive to the fragile environment, Rann Riders implements low-impact eco-friendly practices in its resorts and camping arrangements.
For safaris:
Itineraries can be designed according to your interest – wildlife, birdwatching, culture, scenic cross-desert riding or the pace and challenges that a rider desires
Distance covered in a day could vary between 20 km to 40 km
The rides will break for a picnic lunch
Although we do provide all riding gear, guests are recommended to carry any gear that they are specifically designed for them
The tack and saddlery used is regular 'English'
Tea/coffee and soft beverages are provided for riders
Basic riding ability is necessary for all participants
Best season for a safari is winter (October to March)
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